Journal of IFA Korea


- Manuscript must be original, unpublished work that has not been submitted or accepted for publication elsewhere, including for online publication.

- Personal details (name, qualifications, position) for publication and a delivery address, email address and phone number must be included with the manuscript on a separate page.

- Manuscript must be submitted electronically to Prof. Seok-Hwan Kim(Kangwon National University at in Microsoft Word format.

- Manuscripts should be written in English preferably in A4 10points and Times New Roman, not longer than 8000words inclusive of citations.

- Use footnotes rather than end notes.

- Authors are responsible for the accuracy of case names, citations and other references.

- Tables and charts that are too wide to be accommodated in the text are usually placed separately in the page to which reference to them has been made.

- An abstract of 100-150 words must be included at the head of articles.

- An article must contain bibliographies cited at the end of the paper.

Double Blind Peer Review

- Each article is, prior to acceptance, double blind reviewed by suitably qualified experts who are independent of the author.


- Levels of headings must be clearly indicated (no more than four levels).

- Cases:

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and United Kingdom:

Macquaerie Finance Ltd v. FCT [2004] FCA 1170.
IRC v. Duke of Westminster [1936] AC 1.

United States:

Herrick v. Lindley, 391 N.E.2d 729, 731 (Ohio 1979).

- Legislation:


Trustees Act 1962 (WA) s 90.

United States

Administrative Procedure Act s 6, 5 U.S.C. s 555 (1994).

Pinpoint references:

Section = s
Sections = ss
Paragraph = para
Paragraphs = paras

- Books are cited as follows:

Deborah L. Rhode, Justice and Gender (1989) 56.

Warren Blackmore, Swiss Banking in an International Context (1989) 259-61.

In footnotes do not use ibid or op cit. Repeat author surname and add footnote reference to first mention. Eg: Blackmore, n 1 at 3.

- Journals are cited as follows:

Thomson R. McCoy & Barry Friedman, Conditional Spending: Federalism’s Trojan Horse, 1988 Sup. Ct. Rev. 85, 100.

In footnotes do not use ibid or op cit. Repeat author surname and add footnote reference to first mention. Eg: McCoy & Fridman, n 3 at 4-5.

Wherever possible use official journal title abbreviations.

- Internet references are cited as follows:

Federal Department of Finance, The Swiss Financial Centre (2003) <> at October 9, 2013.


- Upon publication in the Journal of IFA Korea, while copyright of the manuscript belongs to the corresponding author(s), it is agreed that IFA Korea retain the right to directly or indirectly produce, sell CD-ROMs or disk-files and supply via electronic media, without compensation to the author(s).

* Please note that the IFA Korea will select excellent journals and give an award among the journals the published in the Journal of IFA Korea.